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Comedy Central
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
in this -- and i'm not sure i can think of a performer -- you did romney on s.n.l . >> yes. >> jon: but also biden. >> yeah, yeah, i was good to go. >> jon: you win! >> yeah, if you consider that winning. (laughter) pretending to be someone else for a whole year of your life, that's a form of winning. (laughter) i don't know. but -- >> jon: don't we all on some level? >> masks that we all wear. indeed, so well said. yeah and then there is -- isn't there an odd chance that romney could have won and then biden would have con? is there some election thing where they each could win? >> jon: there would have been in the 1800s, i think. >> okay, that's what i'm referring to. >> jon: i think they're paired up now. it's official that it was obama/biden. it wouldn't have been -- people couldn't have voted for biden and get electoral votes there. that's when they used to throw it to the house and then they would kind of go back and forth and all that. >> well -- >> jon: the other thing, too -- i don't remember that (bleep) from school. >> well, that's disappointing because that would have been fun. >> jon:
Nov 4, 2012 11:30am EST
because he makes the decision by himself. hillary clinton and panetta say go, do the raid. joe biden and gates say don't do it. the president thinks overnight this is in the movie and says, give me one hour from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next day and authorizes the raid. it's not political, tis historical. i would not do anything political when it comes to making one of my movies. >> john stockwell, talk about what drew you to this topic, the drama, how compelling this is as harvey says, how historic it is and all of that is evident and there are other films and books about this. what draws you to this project? >> honestly i was very nervous because it's one of those pieces that very hard to vet. we started the process long before mark's book. but i just found it fascinating, we know the outcome but the behind the scene wrangling that occurred, within the int intelligence community and white house were all interesting to me. again, to go to the president's involvement, i think to me it's unfortunate that certain people are unwilling to give the president partial credit for green lig
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am PST
biden, takes on a second job as an actor. >> announcer: coming up next it's "30 rock" followed by access hollywood live. at 1:00 watch "days of our lives" on the nbc bay area. >>> a crime that dates back more than 100 years appears to be making a comeback as nbc investigative reporter steven stock tells us, this is a crime that's costing americans billions of dollars every year. >> reporter: this is one of those crimes that very few people want to talk about but one that impacts every one of us nearly every day. it's thieves stealing tens of thousands, even millions of dollars worth of merchandise right off moving freight trains. and while it may sound like something out of a spaghetti western movie from the wild wild west, we discovered that it's happening all over the country nearly every day and that some of the hottest spots for this theft are right here in california. >> reporter: in a remote place like this one, when the sun goes down, the risk of cargo theft from passing freight trains goes up. >> gone, like that. tens of millions of dollars gone like that. >> it's just easy. it's
Nov 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
about a big day for joe biden and the president. >> ballot initiatives, we're going to tell you which controversial issues are on the table and which way voters leaning. >> after the break they get bam barreled with ads telephone calls, mailers and people knocking on their door, but tomorrow, the swing state voters, may they be wise in their decision. it's election room in the war room and we are in 24 hour lackdown mode. we'll be right back. of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> now to a quick look at how the presidential race stands in the swing states just hours before voting starts. more than 19 state polls out today. real clear politics provides and average for each state. florida, mitt romney is leading 50-48% according to that average. obviously the sunshine state and it's 29 electoral votes are the grand daddy of swing states. in hey hey. president obama is leading. in north carolina, mitt
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
president biden involvement foreign of project in the desert in southern california and a subcontractor tells us of the infrastructure that said bided met weekly with steven chu to discuss the energy department loan guarantee. biden stephen staff was a principal vice president and manager. any mail to one ceo dated december 3rd, 2009, " i will approach the white house tomorrow as the project could benefit to democratic senators whose races will be tough next year. " barbara boxer and senator reid. they both won reelection and 2010. over one year later 2011, bright source ceo send e-mail to jonathan silver who was executive director of the energy department loan guarantee program. he wanted to review a draft e-mail to was the chairman of the board who was the then chief of staff to a bomb at the white house. e-mail or call when you can with suggestions. the email stated the white house needs to focus on the loan guarantees for the largest solar project and the world. it was conditionally approved more than one year ago and in the final stages of being completed. but at a house energy sub
Nov 6, 2012 3:00pm PST
the afternoon and evening. a rare sight in cleveland, ohio. vice president biden's plane parked on the other side of an air field not far from two romney campaign planes. they all visited at the same time. the winner won the presidency 12 times in a row. vice president biden's stop was not announced before it happened. he and his wife jill posed for pictures and had lunch in a popular spot called landmark restaurant. this is biden's 22 trip to ohio. the campaign says it was planned for some time. biden is now in chicago. >> as you said mr. obama spending election day in chicago. mark matthews with more on the day and some bay area members of his campaign. >> they arrived this morning after a flurry of last minute campaigning throughout several battle ground states. in his old chicago neighborhood of hid park he stopped by a campaign office to thank volunteers. >> we've got to round up the votes. >> did he phone calling himself. >> you've got to tell the team i appreciate it. >> then, told reporter ez wanted to congratulate mitt romney on a hard fought campaign. >> i know his supporters are j
Nov 6, 2012 7:00am EST
behind his mom. >> the whole biden family. voting in delaware. we're talking to maria. the president and c.e.o. of voter latino. forgive me. we were touching on the immigration issue. is it your contention that, i mean you were talking about the republican party not reaching out to the latina voters. it's a section of voters neither party can take for granted right now. >> correct. they are very much a swing voter and just getting into the political process because they are so young so it's ripe for parties to go after them and right now i bet karl rove is shaking his head and saying what did he do? if he would have talked to voters about homes and the opportunity. >> there's an assumption that if you're not white you're going to vote for barack obama? >> well, there's misconception that the latino vote represents democrats but somebody in florida is going to have a different life experience than someone in california. it's a lot easier to blink at someone with a message and figure they are in one camp or another and that's often what happens with the latino vote. >> let's say mitt r
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am PST
biden was in costco, he wanted to buy some of this stuff but i told him he had too much work to do. i wasn't going to have him building roller coasters all day long. now, of course, santa delivers everywhere. i've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for washington. so you should keep your eye on who gets some kinex this year. there will be some members of congress who get them and some who don't. [ applause ] look, this is a wonderful time of year. it's been a few weeks since a long election finally came to an end. and, obviously, i couldn't be more honored to be back in the white house. but i'm already missing the time that i spent on the campaign visiting towns like this and talking to folks like you. >> we love you. >> i love you back. that's why i miss it. [ applause ] >> one of the benefits of traveling and getting out of the white house is it gives you a chance to have a conversation with the american people about what kind of country do we want to be and what kind of country do we want to leave to our kids? i believe america only thrives when we have a strong and growing
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 12:00pm PST
president biden's plane on on the left passing governor romney's plane, stopping in cleveland where governor romney and paul ryan made a last-minute swing. of course, battle grounds like ohio will decide this race but national presidents show a nation divided right down the middle a sign of how tight this race is, the first vote add midnight in humanitarian was a split vote. 50-50, five for the president and five votes for governor romney. governor romney has just touched down in pittsburgh under the wire campaign stop in a swing state where polls have shown his campaign making recent gains. this morning, the governor and his wife cast their votes near massachusetts home and he left for a final stop in ohio. a reporter asked th how he feels about the all important swing state. >> i feel great about ohio. >>shepard: in ohio, governor romney met up with running mate paul ryan, the governor spent more time in ohio than in any other state and understandably so. the way ohio votes could very well decide the white house. we have team fox coverage. ed henry in chicago with the 39's campaign but fir
Nov 4, 2012 10:30am EST
continues through the day. vice-president joe biden and killed by an will hold a campaign rally in an ohio. our live coverage is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes. we will be live in sterling, va. at 2:15 for a mitt romney rally. we will show you president obama speaking at a campaign rally in hollywood, florida. that is light at 3:40 eastern. mitt romney told a campaign rally in pennsylvania. we'll have that life for you at 5:25 eastern today. c-span asked reporters and political analysts what they will be watching for on election night on the state and national level as we wait for the vice- president, here is what one had to say. >> one of the big things people have been talking about is the influence of all the outside money on the races and an interesting thing is the three senate races where there has been hugest influx of outside money, ohio, florida and virginia, which are also obviously a big presidential battleground, the democratic candidates who are getting the brunt of the outside spending are expected to win in all of those races. virginia is the closest, probably. ohi
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am PST
joe biden plans to join president obama after he cast his vote in delaware. >> shh we are live here in oakland and governor jerry brown will be casting his vote and he is in favor of proposition 30. he stated that this will give more money to education through tax cuts. governor brown design this budget to include proposition 30 if this proposition fellows there will be triggering more cuts for education. $5.4 million will be cut from education and this will leave a shorter school year. >> proposition 38 is guaranteeing that the money will go to education. proposition 30 is a more wide tax increase and if both of these past will be watching waiting. >> listed at update on bay area weather. >> another hot day is on for today. the morning temperatures are sitting in the '50s. as you had to afternoon we will shake off a few degrees compared to yesterday. the fog will return in the afternoon hours and will have more coming up. i do want to leave would current conditions is 61 degrees right now in san francisco. i will track where these numbers are scheduled to go coming up. >> we are st
Nov 7, 2012 1:00am EST
learned that the president would be reelected and joe biden would be reelected as vice president i want to stay with what you were just saying, michael and richard. because i'm struggling as i look back at my notes from what governor romney said. he did say we can't risk partisan bickering. we should rise to the occasion. but he also said "i'm concerned about the country and --" this message that he doesn't think the country is going in the right direction. >> well, i think that was fair. you can't expect the man within 24 hours to say "what i've been saying for the last two years i didn't mean it." but i think it shows a sensitivity, either subliminal or intended, to the fact that there have been so many people during the last four years, it's been a horrible thing to see, trying to cast shadows on the legitimacy of barack obama as president of theni e environment, the atmosphere of the next four years. >> ifill: i'm very curious about something that michael just mentioned which hasn't come up at all tonight which is mitt romney's religion. at the beginning of this election we thought
Comedy Central
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
a welcome 30-35,000 hello virginia! joe biden had 090 in colorado. >> jon: 900. i know that sounds high for biden, but to be fair they were giving out foo food and balloon. the candidates are taking a chance to make final argument to america's voters >> mitt romney... crowd: boo! don't boo. vote. vote. ( cheers and applause ) voting is the best revenge. >> president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. >> crowd: boo! instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: i want this over! i don't know if it's that comment or maybe this is the milk i drank from a bodego that lost power during the blackout but i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. if the american people can really vote for revenge or love of country, they'd be kicking both your asses in the polls. for more on the campaign closing hours let's go to jessica williams and aasif mandvi. they are with the candidates right now. jessica, you're at obama's final rally in des moines >> the mood here is positively electric. j-z is killing it. and since this is iowa, they think h
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
. they ordered smacks for like 10,000 people but it looks like, hold on. $15. apparently biden ordered hot wings. >> jon: really. read the elf mails. > -- e-mails.>> sure. hey girls it's joe biden. can i borrow $15 you know for some hot wings. pretty standard biden form letter. >> jon: is the romney campaign still making a push for fund raising. >> yes, jon romney needs money. it's just a party here, okay. >> jon: they think they're going to win. >> win, lose, who cares. to the last seven years these people have been helping the squarest man on the planet run for president. no drinking, no cursing, no hook ups, no coffee. and tonight they make up for lost time. they are throwing this bash ... yes. [crowd cheering] >> jon: i'm assuming because, i'm assuming because we're live that they dropped the audio out on that. i can assure the audience at home that was all dirty words. apparently you still cannot say on television. >> that's right jon, they're not fudging around. sorry, force of habit. anyway listen, in 15 minutes checked the polling results and it was not. >> jon: i understand. i can'
Comedy Central
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
sudeikis from s.n.l . a tremendous, very, very funny man, plays mitt romney and joe biden on the show and he was making a joke on the show about how wouldn't it be funny if in this election it turned out that romney and biden had both won and ended up as president and vice president, wouldn't that have been funny and i said, oh, i don't think that could happen, jason. as a man who knows a lot about like -- and he's like "well, i thought that was the scenario. well, it turns out that could happen! he was referring to a scenario which i found out later where if the electoral college was tied the president would have gotten kicked to the house of representatives where they might have picked mitt romney, the senate would have picked the vice president, they would have picked joe biden and that's how it would have happened. once again there's -- one of the things i hate the most about me -- (laughter). is how much (bleep) i don't know. (laughter) everyday there is (bleep) that i don't know. (laughter) and i've got to tell you, television is -- if you're ever looking to display your ignoran
Nov 19, 2012 4:00am PST
. anyone born after 1985 has never experienced this chilly weather trend. >>> plus vice president joe biden hits the jersey shore ahead of thanksgiving. we'll have details next. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." here are some stories making news this afternoon. vice president joe biden visited parts of new jersey that suffered the worst devastation from superstorm sandy. biden said he spent summers on the jersey shore as a boy and promises residents that the federal government will not abandon them. >>> new york city officials say they plan to demolish hundreds of buildings damaged beyond repair by sandy. the building department says about 200 homes were wrecked by the storm. about 500 others are being checked to see how bad the damage is. >>> a space capsule made a rare nighttime landing in kazakhstan, bringing back three astronauts, including an american after a four-month voyage to the international space station. >>> the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says october was the 332nd month with an above average surface temperature. to put that
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am PST
leading to the capture of what he calls the real killers. >>> vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden hosted their fourth early thanksgiving for wounded warriors yesterday welcoming service men and women and their families. >> i just can't tell you again how humble we are by your willingness to come and have an early thanksgiving dinner with us. >>> and we have some just amazing video here of nasa with these two gigantic solar tsunamis. the huge explosions on the surface on friday sent super hot plasma flares into space. luckily for us, not in the direction of planet earth. just sent back some video. >>> well, wall street kicks off this tuesday with the dow at 12,795 after jumping 207 points yesterday. the s&p climbed 27. the nasdaq up 62. >>> overseas markets were down this morning. the nikkei lost 10 points while the hang seng fell 33. >>> maybe congress should go out of town more often. lawmakers left washington for the holiday and markets rallied on hopes of compromise and the fiscal cliff negotiations. the dow and the s&p had their best days in two months while the na
Nov 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
. a must-see joe biden top ten list. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: brought to you by the makers of centrum men and women. have you taken the most complete multivitamin today? >>> new jersey officials say residents in storm battered city will cast ballots on military trucks. with 96 hours to go, the candidates are planning to spend a lot of time in the battleground state of ohio. nbc's tracie potts has those details for us. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. we've now taken a look at their travel schedules between now and tuesday and, boy, are they going to be busy. let's start with governor romney who is going to hit seven states between now and election day, including four on sunday alone. tonight he is in ohio. in fact, both of the candidates are in ohio today. he plans to stand with 100 supporters, celebrities, and politicians backing his campaign. governor romney last night was in virginia beach. this was a make-up rally from before the storm. the president's campaign is running out of steam. meantime, presid
Nov 6, 2012 4:00am PST
biden will vote in delaware before joining the president in chicago. nbc's tracie pots is in cincinnati, ohio. she has the details on the candidates' final frantic day of campaigning. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: we're at a polling place in ohio. already a busy day. a busy crowd back and forth. lots of people planning to vote here in ohio, but they weren't the first to vote this morning. for the first time ever and with its lowest turnout in almost 50 years, a tie this morning in tiny dixville, notch. just after midnight they cast five votes for president obama, five for governor romney. a few hours south in manchester the governor ends his campaign. >> the last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength from a real movement across this country. it's evident in the size of these crowds like this tonight. my goodness. [ cheers and applause ] and i understand that there are a few thousand people outdoors that couldn't get in, too. >> reporter: after voting near boston this morning, the governor hits the road again thanking campaign workers in pennsylvania and
Nov 8, 2012 4:00am PST
joe biden do? he's not going to go to disneyland, but the vice president will actually be a guest star on nbc's "parks and recreation." biden has in fact been mentioned on the show before. amy poehler described her perfect man as having the brains of george clooney and the body of joe biden. >> ooh. >> sounds hot! >>> well, lady gaga announced she will be donating $1 million to the red cross to aid those affected by hurricane sandy. way to go, gaga. she says she would not be the artist she is today if not for places like manhattan's lower east side or brooklyn. >>> last night, stephen colbert was having a tough time accepting the outcome of the presidential election. >> knew this was coming. >> it was come, it came. take a look. >> what's the point? [ cheers and applause ] >> and who will be "chopped"? [ cheers and applause ] >> i like the white turtleneck and red robe. that's very classy. >>> and finally, 500 people were asked who is their favorite fictional president from tv and movies, and the results are in. harrison ford took the top spot as president marshall in "air force one,"
Nov 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
away. >>> and a must-see joe biden top ten list. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. look how small they were! [ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. can you help me with something? nope! good talk. [ male announcer ] or free windows 8 training when you buy a computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. >>> 96 hours to go, and the candidates plan to spend a lot of time in the batting ground state of ohio. nbc's tracie potts has details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. it is a very aggressive schedule. governor romney hits four states alone just on sunday, and between the presidential and vice presidential candidates, they are scheduled to make 12 stops in ohio between now and election day. both candidates land in ohio today. so far, here's what their travel schedules look like. governor romney visits seven states includin
Nov 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
president biden. how critical is this state and what kind of arguments have they made? >> there are three big states: ohio, florida, and virginia. ohio being number one. i think florida is a republican state with 29 electoral votes and that is why they spent with ohio as 18 and that is why they have gone after the 13 electoral votes in virginia. hadn't gone democratic since 1964. linden banees johnson wanted it. sixty% he got in northern virginia. the bellweather counties or prince william and low den. he got 58% in prince william, in 2009, the republican mcdonald did very well in the southwest. the democrats are getting clobbered in cold country and they have to concentrate in getting out the african- american vote, which is very large, the same level of enthusiasm. i heard of all of the state battleground polls, this is a tie. it's going to be contested to the end. >> when you look at both of these campaigns tonight, the barack obama and mitt romney facades, when the staffers go to bed tonight, what is the biggest concern for obama and romney? >> the biggest concern for obama is indepen
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
president joe biden and his wife casting votes in biden's hometown. the vice president served 36 years in the u.s. senate serving the first state and returned to the polling place where he's cast ballots in many of the previous races. >> this is the eighth time i have run statewide in delaware and it's always a kick. i hope everyone exercises their right to vote. this is a great honor and people are standing in line in a lot of placeis. i encourage them to stand in line as long as they have to. >> reporter: after all of the speeches, ads, rallies, conventions and debates, it coming down to election day. today on the trail, november 6th, 2012. >> we're going to bring in fox 5 political analyst mark platkin. i want to zero in on the state of virginia right now. we have 27 minutes before the poll comes to a close tonight and specifically, let's look at nowhere virginia, the big four. loudoun county, fairfax county, arlington, prince william -- of those four, where is it most critical for either one of these candidates to lock up a victory to, in essence, bring northern virginia into the c
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
will mean for seniors. >>> vice president joe biden stumps for the middle class at a retail store that treats its workers right. i'll talk costco and fiscal cliff with steve greenhouse of "the new york times." >>> plus hostess executives tank their company and cost the people their jobs. so why are they still demanding millions of dollars in bonuses? >>> and we'll tell you how senator john mccain fits in with congressman louie gohmert's latest conspiracy theory. >> this administration sent planes and bombs and support to oust gadhafi so al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood could take over libya. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. republicans are walking tall in public but hanging their heads behind closed doors. john boehner struck a defiant tone during a news conference today. he blamed the president and democrats for stalling negotiations on a debt deal. >> despite the claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. and secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white h
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >> vice-president joe biden talking with voters in iowa today. his campaign shrugs off a comment he made it. joe biden joking with a man about running for president in 2016. staff was quick to point out the joking tune he used. he did not mention anything about it during a speech later hit the supporters. >> mitt romney is said to appear in roanoke and virginia beach today. a colorado girl making headlines for expressing what others might feel for the election. >> they were listening to npr on tuesday when they grow started crying. her mom started recording while asking abigale why she was crying. >> i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> is that why you are crying? it will be over soon abby. ok? > the election will be over san. >> ok. >> the mother posted that video on youtube. it has gone viral. npr heard about it and send a letter to the girl apologizing. the note also said, we must confess the election has gone on too far for us to. we will keep telling ourselves only a few more days. >> it is 4:21. chilly out there. temperatures and below 40's. >> good morning, washington. the morni
FOX News
Nov 11, 2012 8:00am PST
, as the president of the united states, and first lady, michelle obama and vice-president biden and others honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. >> jamie: we have seen the color guard. the wreath laying will be followed by "taps." the president will speak later in the amphitheater. it's a very emotional day for everyone who knows a vet or knows a vet, and also the living veterans, whom we owe a huge thank you, immeasurable terms. these sights and ceremonies are historic. every year, we see the president or a designee. the president will have a moment of silence and we will observe it as well. you did -- you can hear the flashes of the camera, as we watch the ceremony unfoal. >> eric: the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month has been veterans day to honor all of those who have served. you canee the president walking up to the tomb of the unknowns. [star spangled banner playing] [playing "taps"] [playing "america the beautiful "] >> jamie: as they make their way to the ampitheater, where president obama will speak about veterans veterans and to veterans and their families, ear
Nov 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
of hurricane sandy. be on the lookout for scam artists. >>> and joe biden stops by "the late show." and this time, the laughs are from him, not on him. >>> well, that is the closing bell last night, at the new york stock exchange. abc's sam champion, there in his orange coat. hard to miss sam in that picture. surrounded by other new york weather experts. a nod, of course, to their tireless and critical work throughout this week. the dow was up 136 points. >>> economic reports don't get any bigger than the one due out later this morning. the government releases the october employment numbers just four days before the election. a crucial report on wall street and the campaign trail. experts say, look for 125,000 new jobs last month, showing modest growth, with the unemployment rate steady at 7.8%. >>> well, there could be some manmade misery adding to the toll of hurricane sandy. scammers, out to take advantage of folks after the storm. officials are now warning people to watch out for phony charities, fraudulent home repair deals and sellers looking to unload flood-damaged cars. a
Nov 2, 2012 2:30am PDT
someone on the early voting line. >> yeah, that's right. >> vice president joe biden stops by letterman to give his top ten reasons to vote early. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >>> i'm depending on you like i have in the past. ais i'll try not to disappoint you. thank you very much. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i bet you that we could save money by switching to a cheaper detergent than tide. and, what did i tell you? that it was a bad idea. and? and she was right... the clothes weren't as clean and even i could tell. so, no savings. we're back to tide. and now, i'm doing the laundry all month. with tide, obviously. good boy. "good boy." [ female announcer ] one scoop of tide original gives you more cleaning power than six scoops of th
Nov 16, 2012 2:00am PST
some much needed emotional support. >>> plus, why vice president joe biden is moonlighting with amy poehler. you're watches "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. or protect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. get started at today. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >>> here are some stories making news this morning. bp has agreed to pay a record criminal penalty of $4.5 billion to the u.s. government in a massive settlement over the 010 oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. attorney gener
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm PST
with just two pills. >>> coming up, vice president joe biden looks out for the middle class at a store that does the same. coming up, how costco is big business done right. with steven greenberg of "the new york times." >>> the righties are going nuts with a brand new conspiracy theory. a sitting member of congress says the president is propping up al qaeda? >>> and speaking of conspiracy theories, is there a hidden meaning in the photo of the president and mitt romney in the oval office today? an "ed show" investigation, my friends, is ahead. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using #edshow. ♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪ when you give a child a toy, it has to work. ♪ make just one someone happy and when it's a toys for tots child, well, what could be more important? so this year, every hasbro toy donated to toys for tots will be powered by duracell. happy holidays. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. >>> democrats like to pretend as though they're the great protecters of social security, medicare, and medicaid. they make solemn pledges a
Nov 12, 2012 8:00am PST
. roger cressy will join me. >>> and there's already speculation about joe biden running for president in 2016. but could it be another biden on the ticket. beau biden will join us. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at . >>> david petraeus' resignation is raising serious security questions. ever since he quit over an affair with his biographer, paula broad wae, lawmakers are demanding answers, some saying national security was a greater risk than originally thought. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> seems it's been going on for several months. and now it's saying the fbi didn't realize until election day that general petraeus was involved -- it doesn't add up. >> joining me now is terrorism analyst roger cressey. as i was talking to pete williams earlier in this hour, he reported that this case all began out of a cyber harassment situation in florida where a p
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